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We’ve learned quite a bit over the last five years and we’re using that knowledge to support more initiatives and our clients more than ever.

We've achieved robust growth in the last 18 months

Before the pandemic shifted and altered much of the life science industry “business as usual” plan, we’ve been on a mission to scale up digital technology adaptation and integrate it within our operations.  From creating a piloted project of a  “digital” lab, we’re focusing on maximizing the use of blending technologies and scientific expertise from remote locations to serve our global client footprint better.

Next, we’ve accelerated much of our RWE/RWD integration tools for projects within the infectious disease space for unknown and little-known diseases we’ve yet to uncover.  The ability to deploy a cocktail of tools that can harness the option of even supporting paper-based documentation systems to collate it into analytics has been successfully realized. 

Successful Projects

Clients Supported

Innovations Launched

Patients Helped

Diseases Researched

We're expanding to launch our own clinical trials

From supporting sponsor site clinical trials, we’re on the cusp of scaling up our own therapeutic programs to best served the patient demographic that needs therapies the most.  Since we’ve ensured success for our clients through demographic building and mapping using our data analytics and patient engagement platform, we’re mobilizing our data to strengthen the industry direction towards diverse and equitable patient outcomes.  

We’re excited to launch our own trials within the neurodegenerative disease discipline, however, our plans are to accelerate our plans towards infectious and rare diseases.