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About Us

Rubix LS is wholly focused on changing the nature of life-science research the encompasses precision medical science devoted to inclusive clincial research.

Founded in 2016 by Reginald Swift Ph.D, Rubix LS is a digital life research and development company focusing on creating processes and innovations that are focused on patient health and greater patient health outcomes.

Rubix LS's team consists of scientists, engineers, researchers, doctors, designers, regulatory and business strategists enabling the power of data and intelligence to create optimal results.

Our Mission

Connect And Power The World's Healthcare Data Through Diversity Patient Analytics

Our Mission

Bringing support and hope to patients that need it


Bridging the Clinical Trial Divide

Supporting the expanded access opportunities for underserved communities within the clinical trial research focus.

Solving the need to have more representation in clinical trials through services and programs to best serve the underrepresented populations.