Aerospace, Defense & Astronautics

 reaching New heights....

Today, the new space race is to reach further in the universe than ever before.  Rubix LS is here to ensure that your mission center has performed all of the quality checks prior executing your mission.


Everything below the Mesosphere.  Support for the government and civilian organizations that are relentlessly counting on the services and products coming from companies to continually support demands.  Rubix LS supports those organizations that are delivering to the end client, by effectively mitigating wasteful elements that can render vulnerabilities within a given value stream and by combining our expertise in technological development to effectively move through to the intended client.


Above the Mesosphere.  The space endeavor is complex, arduous and costly.  Space exploration and technological development may be rocket science but the effort to support your mission doesn't have to be.  Rubix LS has transformed organizations, to adhere to strict regulatory measures in order to achieve mission realization to venture out in the great beyond.


Science is the DNA in bringing many of the technological innovations to life in reaching the great beyond.  Rubix LS endeavors to bolster the technical drivers of compliance & regulations in which propulsion, defensive systems, and exploratory mission development relies upon.  Rubix LS is prepared to ensure your mission achieves the go-ahead the first time around.