Is LEAN Only For the Manufacturing Industry? #Lean #LeanStartup #Hospital


That's realistically speaking. 

Recently, I viewed a documentary about hospital queue times and priority settings for importance of treating people with severe illnesses to the less severe.  This was at a county hospital located in LA.  Now for anyone who has been at a hospital, you suddenly become overwhelmed by the known wait time that you will have to endure just before having a representative process your application at in-take registration. 

 The vicious cycle 

The vicious cycle 

Now what is represented is just an example of how a process can get out of control and lead to a cycle of inefficiency.  LEAN has been more synonymous, historically, with the manufacturing industry only because of the processes involved with mass production of the same product throughout the process.   

How many ways you think you can reduce the lead time for a patient to be seen from the photo above?

Now the first answer of many people will be to discharge many of the patients to open up more space for more doctors to have throughput by seeing as many patients as possible.  Now while this would help alleviate congestion upfront for the day, it does not actually fix the systemic issue at hand.  What happens when there's an influx of more patients arriving from a nearby accident or catastrophic disaster? What then? How do you attack the problem then?

While you may have great suggestions and recommendations, align what the inputs are to what you're intended out is supposed to be (clearing the way for as many patients to be seen as well as reducing queue times for patients to be in the waiting room), Rubix Strategies has developed a process patented discipline, REVOLVER, to target chronic issues and mitigate barriers from achieving your vision.  With over 10+ years in cross-functional disciplines, the process has been constructed to be able to target any industry and streamline processes.

Do you think LEAN isn't for you?  I dare you to challenge us to see.  Contact us today to see how we can help you.

Reginald Swift