The Truth About Setting Goals In The Workplace. #goals #RubixStrategies

Now this topic is pretty broad, general and downright ubiquitous right?

How many of you tell yourself that you will be setting yourself up for success in the workplace? When you want that next promotion, you're going to set yourself up to complete more tasks and lead more projects to be noticed right?


 Always set yourself up for success

Always set yourself up for success

Now the basis of this topic isn't to specifically focus on telling you the obvious on the importance of setting up goals; it is to enthrall you to understand that setting your group up with goals is twice, maybe even three times, as productive as going down the path alone.  

In a general corporate environment, everything is 'benchmarked' off of a certain characteristic that embodies the highly favorable individual that will surely be fast tracked to a promotion.  Why do you think they require you meet plenty of core competencies within each environment? Why wouldn't you take those core competencies and embody them within your group? This would surely be another way to create momentum within your group and have everyone in it focused for efficiency.

As you carry on this path of developing yourself as a leader with goal setting for your group, it is vitally important to map out your current state as it stands now.  Now before you start doubting this technique, understand that current state value stream mapping serves a purpose for many process improvement (especially for small and large groups) practices you want to instill within your organization. Current state mapping out is as easy as setting a chronological set of events you accomplish to get from one process to another.

Tune into the next topic in which we will drive down deeper about value stream mapping!

Stay efficient and stay productive my friends!

Reginald Swift