Five Ways To Keep Employees Happy At Your Startup! #happy #startup #employee

By: Monica Aguilar

1) Take the time to tell them a job has been well done.

Everyone wants to be noticed, everyone wants to feel important. When you take the time to notice an employee who's doing a good job, they feel valued. In turn? Companies report having lower turnover rates, and an increase in employees achieving their organizational goals. In a start-up environment with people working extra hours and spending time away from their families - give them a reason to let them know it really is worth it. 


2) Allow Employees to work on a passion project (that relates to your business model).

Datascope Analytics is a terrific example of a start-up that ties in an employee passion project with their business model. One of their employees, a fantasy baseball fan, decided to dive deep into the data analytics over a 3 month period. The result? The new hire had the perfect opportunity to get to know the company's culture, other team members, and was able to put his technical skills into practice to prepare him for the job at hand. 


3) Party!

Okay, so that might seem a little out of the ordinary, but seriously. When you're working at a start-up, everything is intense.  All work and no play make everyone dull!  Make a point of carving out an hour, once a month, for people to get together over a company happy-hour. Studies have shown that having fun at the workplace creates a greater sense of job satisfaction. Happy employees make good employees who are willing to go the extra mile.


4) Create a High-Five! board

Grab a white board and some colored sticky notes and encourage employees to shout out other co-workers who are awesome. Studies have shown that encouraging words of appreciation yield a sense of well-being. When practiced in the work place it fosters an environment of teamwork and a willingness to achieve company goals. When you're grinding at a start-up it's absolutely critical to have everyone working as a unit.  After all, there is no 'I' in 'Team'.

5) Say Thank You.

Ok, it sounds like a no-brainer.  However, I have to say that a genuine 'Thank You' really goes the distance. Have you ever worked for a boss that simply nodded and accepted the final report? Or made a last minute demand that when you delivered what they asked for, they simply took it and walked away? Yuck. I've had managers that have done both. The ones I always over-delivered for? Were the ones who took the time to appreciate my hard work to deliver what they needed.


Boosting employee morale is simple and effective. Minding your manners by expressing your gratitude, offering a sincere compliment for a job well done, and having fun are all effective ways to improve your employees morale.

Let us know in the comments below what you have done to boost the morale in your company.