How Tech Companies Can Give Back....#communityservice #business #entrepreneur #startup

By: Monica Aguilar

Tech companies are great for local economies. They generate employment opportunities and cash flow within their area. However, these companies have viable means to do more than this. They can also contribute to their communities by donating time and resources to local non-profit organizations and under-served communities. Below are a few ways that tech companies can infuse charitable giving as a core value into their work culture by helping others in need.

1. Allow your employees to volunteer on company time

Create a program where your employees can share their time and skills to volunteer at local organizations the company would like to help. Non-profits are always in need of technical resources. Perhaps your staff can provide direct technical support or offer educational assistance. Either way, it's an opportunity for employees to actively engage with their local communities.

2. Donate a percentage of sales

Does your company sell a product? If so, an easy way to donate funds to a charitable organization is to set aside a percentage of profits from product sales. After a specific contribution goal is met, allow your employees to collectively decide which local organization they would like to donate to.

 Join companies like Nike that are representing the communities they serve. Big or small.  Every cent counts.

Join companies like Nike that are representing the communities they serve. Big or small.  Every cent counts.

3. Create an Employee Community Fund

Establish a company administered fund that employees can contribute tax-deductible donations to. You can take it a step further by having your company match employee contributions. Qualified local organizations can then apply for a charitable or educational grant.

Giving back is simple. It is an easy way to foster good-will within your company and to create a positive impact in your local community. Building a better community is always possible and always a good thing to do no matter what size your company is. 

How does your company give back? Let us know in the comments below.

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