The Evolution of Industry Change.....#thinktank #RubixStrategies #innovation #startup #engineer

By: Reginald Swift [Founder]

In this day and age, we hear quite a bit of commercials and offers of opinions on how "innovative" companies are starting to move forward upon.  The word itself has been countlessly used by many to describe something that is being created will itself be a game-changer.  How many have actually succeeded in making this point? Are products that are on the market "innovative" as people sell themselves and others to believe?  How did they measure the impact of this innovation?

I believe that innovation starts with engineering.  Without engineers, the greatest and most unique of identities of great architecture, products and general societal tools would not itself exist.  I believe that engineers that have a true thought process of making change, uses their skills and know-how to ensure that their vision is achieved because this person believes in the greater good.  All engineers at the foundational level must believe that to themselves as well.  This is the message on how Rubix Strategies was founded upon and wanted to push the needle of society at large.  Now do you believe you would be reading this article post now from a computer if the engineer wanted to make something else than a computer?  The intellectual capacity that has been able to move society quickly in the last 60 years has been due to the backs of the innovators that are engineers.  Anyone at the foundational base level can be an engineer; because everyone may have thoughts here and there to create something new upon their lifetimes but don't understand the techniques to get to full realization.

Then they're the others.  The ones who took engineering as a discipline to take on the challenges of modern constraints and push the boundaries to the new frontier.  From the light buib to deep space equipment; these proponents of society has allowed many of us to want to think bigger and brighter to reach further and faster for ourselves as well as others.  

We believe that true INNOVATION isn't quantifiable or qualitative; however, the impact of the innovation is and remains to be.  We want to change the message of creating resources for many technically driven industries to latch unto and really focus on the next frontier.  We aren't in the business of thinking for short term growth, although strategies we implement for organizations have tremendously made a positive impact on becoming leaders in their industry, we want to think for the long term and have antiquated results RETIRED. 

We welcome the opportunity to many to reach out to us to learn more about us and inquire on how we think and why we're in business.  We're here to help everyone at large and develop the scope in which they can see the vision of innovation the way we do.

Now we have one question for you: "Are you a dreamer or a doer?"

Reginald Swift