Being A Man/Woman of One.....#Founder #Startup #Entrepreneur

By: Monica Aguilar

Startups are exciting. And? A lot of work. In fact, startups with single founders have a lower chance of succeeding then other startups that have a team. Why?

Paul Graham, one of the founders of the iconic Y Combinator, says it perfectly:

"Starting a startup is too hard for one person. Even if you could do all the work yourself, you need colleagues to brainstorm with, to talk you out of stupid decisions, and to cheer you up when things go wrong."

Knowing this, what if you're still a one man band, for whatever reason, and for the time being are doing it solo. How do you persevere in the face of incredible challenges and obstacles? Let's face it, trying to build and run a company at the same time is a monumental task for anyone let alone one person.

If you find yourself in this position realize that at some point, you will have to expand your team to include others in order to succeed. Because in reality, it will become too much for one person to handle it all alone. However, here are some questions to ask yourself to help your prioritize your tasks, and to keep that flame of passion for your business still burning during tough moments.

1. What are you focusing on?

The legendary Tony Robbins knows a thing or two about building multi-million dollar companies. Here's a quote to think about when you're developing your business: "People who fail focus on what they will have to go through; people who succeed focus on what it will feel like at the end."  When you're faced with a mountain of tasks to complete and feeling overwhelmed, take a moment to assess what you're focusing on - the task or the result?

2. Who can you trust?

As you are building your business, you know you will have to expand your team. As you do so, finding trustworthy partners is a critical component to expanding your startup. Perhaps close friends or family members that mirror your character and virtues can work with your company. However, just as equally important are the vendors and advisors you choose to work with. Vetting them carefully ensures your business is the right hands.

3. Why?

It may sound oversimplified, but knowing why you're doing something can pull you through the toughest of days. Having a cause that is bigger than you is much easier to work for. Think about it, when is the last time you volunteered for a cause you passionately believed in? Did it feel like work? If not, then it's safe to say that the 'why' is what made it all worthwhile. Remembering why you're working to create your company will keep that flame going when all the other lights go out.

Starting a startup is tough and challenging. Knowing what you want to create and why you want to create it is one of the first steps to staying focused as you build up your team. Finding the right people is the next key step to taking your company to the next level. 

Are you a single founder startup? How did you scale your company? What are the biggest lessons you learned in your startup? Share your thoughts and suggestions in the comments below.



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