Life Sciences and the Next Frontier....Space....#NASA #Medtech #BioTech #RubixStrategies #Innovation

As we know that the universe is expanding...Or is it? We understand that the pioneering moves, made usually by NASA (our friends...well we hope we can be friends), to have products developed for use in adverse conditions like space which has usually been under transportation and suitable environment manufacturing (the brave astronauts and cosmonauts have to live up there right?) Really, what environment would be tougher than the great unknown?

Although the support has been stagnant in the recent years, many companies (Hey SpaceX) and officials are starting to turn their heads to developing innovative solutions that can survive the harsh environments of space.  As we all know, Earth only holds a finite number of resources and due to our consumption, we've paced ourselves at an accelerated rate to consume more resources than previously predicted.

What does that mean for life science?

Well as we look to innovate on current resources that we have on our planet, maybe it would behoove us to start looking into the great unknown for even better answers to solve problems on earth.  

That's why one of our products that we are initiating development under will incorporate many disciplines and research on many aspects of utilizing resources from the air we can't breathe and also infusion of planetary material.  Now even though we can't speak about the project in itself, we can describe the project as a movement to really treat the deadliest of all human illnesses...cancer.

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Reginald Swift