Why Every Business Needs Continuous Improvement....Even a Startup

 Process Lifecycle Loop

Process Lifecycle Loop

Now many entrepreneurs that will look at the above photo will start to think "Well what does that have to do with me?" or "How does this even fit into being an entrepreneur?" 

Well here's a scenario to help paint the bigger picture.....

As an entrepreneur many people start with #2.  DO.  These are the quick instinct actions that take up the mind of the person; like incorporating the business, get business logos, trademark (if necessary), business cards, set up email, set up website and pretty much all of the basic elements to get to legitimacy.

Although it may be necessary to have these  items to start the establishment process of your company, there's always something missing; your plan.  As more and more entrepreneurs are geared toward a "just do" attitude; even the greatest explorers needed a compass to point them to true north.  It should be without saying; always have the plan in place so you can fully execute to a true launch.

Following up from your "compass"; next is the execute portion.  As you continuously are knocking items off that plan of yours, you want to ensure that you check your settings.  Even with a traveler with a compass, they have to continuously calibrate their surroundings to ensure that they're on the correct path.  So in this case; you would need to understand your biggest value drivers and you're executing the biggest items that will take your further during the initial stages of your startup journey.

Now with every journey there's always a few hiccups that can come along the way.  You want to act accordingly from a plan that would've accounted for known variables and stressed for the unknown variables that may have arisen.  

There's always more to be taught and even more to be learned. 

Stay tuned for more topics and scenarios that may affect you.  Please feel free to contact us if there's any topics you would like to see discussed and how it could help you.  We're also here to help you with your needs whenever possible. Morning. Noon. Night. And even at 4th meal ;-)