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Clinical Research

As a specialty research organization, our mission is to push research forward by supporting the early stage advancements that can be afforded to all patients.

Clinical Trials

As life science and healthcare companies look to drive inclusivity into clinical trials, we are enhancing these approaches, with the help of StarSense, to ensure comprehensive and robust advancements are realized to reach all patients.

Protocol Development

We're enhancing the approach to reducing risks and amendments by applying evidence based approaches in your clinical trial design.

Patient Recruitment & Engagement

Augmenting the ability to look to underlying factors that may inhibit your strategy to reach a diverse patient plan.

Phase I-II Clinical Trials

Rubix LS can help you track the impact of new drugs and establish proof of concept faster to move from early concept development to full trial management.

Decentralized & Hybrid Trial Launch

Rubix LS-augmented decentralized/hybrid trials deliver purpose-built clinical services and technologies that engage the right patients wherever they are.

Therapeutic Area Specialties

Infectious Disease

A host of new and re-emerging pathogens are quickly emerging from climate and environmental impact across the globe. The study of infectious disease and vaccines is as complex as the populations and environments they impact.

Our unique specialization is to launch programs, no matter the environment, that are tailored solutions at every stage of development.

At Rubix LS, we have specialized research teams of professionals that provide unique and inclusively customized solutions for organizations working to advance broader public health goals.

Ultra-Rare Disease

Small. Hard-to-find. Unmet patient needs.

These are the mission pillars that have helped build our focus on being specialists in inclusive patient research and support that broadens the term to all patient populations with rare diseases who are in need of rare disease care, to bring new treatments to them and their families.

Rare Disease

Rare Disease

It is estimated that there are approximately 7,000 rare diseases identified while only 5% have therapies. As an emerging global public health priority, we’re working toward designing evidence-based analytics that serve the advancement of innovation for the disparate population.