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Clinical Trials


Pharmaceutical and medical device product development lifecycles can be cumbersome. Without diverse data sets, a product cannot properly fulfill the purpose of its creation thus failing the patient population. By designing the first-ever virtual clinical trial program, we’re utilizing comprehensive tools where you can reach your patients faster and access efficacy information in real time.  We’re creating the closed loop process that will help you create a more dynamic product.


Digitizing your clinical trials program

One of the most vital parts of any innovation program is the clinical trials process.  The ability to reach your intended audience digitally shortens the gap of enrollment and getting to critical data to continue your progress.  Our experts work cross-functionally with your internal and external teams to devise and design a robust platform for your program.

Patient Engagement & Communication

Being able to meet patients where they are, requires the enablement of tools to help facilitate discussions seamlessly.  We cross deploy tools across different functional groups such as CRO’s, physicians, IRB’s, payers, advocacy groups and companies to ensure that the loudest voice in the room is always the patient.

Patient science

Being able to know what and when a patient can be afflicted with a disease is a key indicator toward driving smarter decision-making abilities in the creation of personalized therapies.  Don’t just have data points after the fact – start receiving data points that will understand a patients history and the prevalence of any diseases or cancers that can happen and how you can maximize development efforts to target a patient.


Patient Advocacy

Lack of diverse candidates can severely hinder clinical trials outcomes. Coming from a patient-centric standpoint, we have developed novel ways to communicate with potential trial candidate populations that will enhance diversity.  By leveraging various forms of technology, we etch out the traditional geo-targeting methods and provide a platform for investigators to focus on patient-centric outcomes.


Patient Feedback

The right information at the right time.  It is one of the core data points we aggregate with enabling technology so that we can transmit to your clinical and post-market surveillance groups.

Patient Data & information security

With the rise of cybercrime in the life sciences sector, security is more important than ever.  The ability to secure patient data files is one of the most important functions of the trial process. We enable tools in which multi-point communication can be secured 24/7.


Interconnecting innovation to the patient, where they live and throughout their journey.

Scientific Assessment

Diseases and cancers are mutating at alarming rates.  By mapping prevalence indicators for you with our patent pending process, we’re helping you target your patient profiles even faster by aligning your research and predictive analytics to proactively fight against any new emergence of diseases simultaneously.

Virtual Design Trials

Implementing a delivery platform to enable direct interface where it matters the most.  The patient. We specifically design a platform, supported by FDA submissions, that is inclusive of all engagement elements of the clinical trials process.  We develop all of the tools to send to the patient for education and commencement of the trial as well as tools for patient management and care during the trials process.


Whether it’s a multi-site study or multi-state patient engagement plan you’re looking to create and manage, we work intently with your team to integrate our platform that scales up as fast as you need to move.

Let us Virtualize your engagement with patients

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