Disease & Cancer Genetics

From understanding mutagenesis, pathogenicity, formation, real-time monitoring, epigenetics, the prevalence in certain cultures and impact, we’re extracting and managing vast amounts of data points that tie directly to predicting precursors of disease traits and proactively target disease behaviors.

Demographic mapping

Targeting practical and proactive measures toward indicating disease behaviors starts with where it begins and how it spreads. With characterizing by 12+ ethnic backgrounds, our data puts deep insight on how certain diseases affects demographics differently.

Genetic demographic indexing

Research begins with biology, take the data we’ve accessed and indexed, characterized in 30+ different categories can help you put a focus on your research.


Learn cellular behaviors from our real-time monitoring platform of genetic material.  Insight from this has propelled industry and federal institutions such as NASA, WHO and CDC to optimize ways to mobilize therapeutic research in emerging health threats.

Related Capabilities

Rubix LS has developed competencies that have been sharpened during the course of our existence to power intelligence to be more predictive to augment ways on creating therapeutic outcomes.

Designed Configuration

As there are currently over 250,000+ types of diseases, the ability to read data on diseases and cancers effectively will help cut down the time on focusing what matters most, discovery.

Quality Reporting

Reach into some of the gaps and equip your teams with processes and programs to overcome challenges to research, design, public health initiatives, payer system and more.

Predictive Disease Language

With neural algorithmic capabilities, Rubix is powering data sets to learn how the intersection of critical research impacts the global knowledge and understanding of disease changes and morphing.

Big Data

From the point at which it’s created to the time when it serves as a source of intelligence, data for Rubix represents the informational lifeblood of an organization. We treat it with the care it deserves and excels at every key stage of the data lifecycle, building cutting-edge systems that leverage its essential worth.