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By 2020, global health care spending is expected to reach $8.7 trillion due to emerging market expansion, advances in medical treatments, growing populations, and rising labor costs. This makes building an organization equipped to handle the impending surge a top priority for life science companies.  With a data and patient-centric focus, Rubix analyzes each aspect of your business and provides a roadmap of how to mitigate risks and potential challenges in order to help future-proof your life science business. 


Your View, Not the Rearview

From operations to product management, we analyze your current performance and reveal knowledge gaps that are a hindrance to your goals and company growth.  This holistic view lays the foundation of the needs-based roadmap that will address resources needed to be competitive, agile and patient-focused all while protecting the bottom line. 

Operations & Strategy

Creating an agile team that symbiotically integrates a proactive patient planning strategy equipped to handle emerging market demand and expansion, is critical to the success and longevity of your life science business. We assess your current team’s capabilities, identify technology deficiencies and deep-dive into your overall business strategy to help you become scalable, data-driven organization.

Product Innovation

Through our comprehensive benchmarking guide coupled with our expansive data analysis, we help you maximize new and traditional techniques that mobilize your innovations for a diverse population.


Clinical Trials

The success rate of clinical trials is dependent on many factors such as patient enrollment, efficacy, bureaucracy, and awareness of the general public. We assess your clinical trial programs to identify opportunities for a more inclusive and data-rich endeavour so that your product can reach new heights.

Data & information security

Data is one of the most valuable assets to a life science company.  It affirms the efficacy of your products and processes while providing a unique outlook into future innovations. We take a look at ways you can streamline aggregate, house, secure and disseminate data leveraging digital tools that will seamlessly organize and manage all information.


Our Trademarked Process

Research & Analysis

With the end goal of agility and efficiency top of mind, we benchmark your operation from team performance through end user communication to reveal challenges.  

Roadmap planning

Formation of a robust roadmap that encompasses solutions to each of the outlined challenges. This customized plan will incorporate digital tools that will enable growth and sustainability despite the changing landscape.

Execute & Monitor

As your accountability partner, we focus on executing, optimizing, and monitoring implemented solutions so that you can become a more dynamic organization that can pivot based on fluctuating industry demands.

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