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Committed to working with our federal clients on their toughest innovation challenges, we are working to tackle innovation gaps.

From astronaut health to the warfighter medical health; expertise in regenerative health science has found particularly inventive new technologies that can be deployed at a moments notice.  All to enable maximum safety on the field and bring the casualties down to zero.

CBRNE Defense

Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear and Environmental health is critical, positioning your strategy to mitigate vulnerabilities will change how you deploy missions.

Health & Biotech

From public health, medical devices to health research our growing expertise solves issues at the intersection of these elements.


In the age of quantum data downloading, surveillance of profiles are critical to thwart threats. Learn how we use bio-organic mimicry to identify your target the first time.


Learning tactics to be able to drop in and drop out at the drop of a dime is crucial when you’re working within environmentally vulnerable climates.  Our experts will enable your group to remain lean and efficient to become nimble.

Threat Assessment

In an overall mission strategy that is focused on the minute details, it is critical that to know what your options are and how to methodically overcome them. Explore new concepts to enhance your field of vision.


Our experts are able to blend multi-variate expertises to develop effective solutions.


It’s more than just data.  It’s the ability to let data that can both be adaptive and proactive so that you’re able to navigate your group to remain vigilant.

Discrete Science

Our technical experts have published advanced scientific concepts in a number of forums both domestic and internationally.  New technologies deployed for your group will enable you to remain at the forefront of advanced technological adoption.

State of Federal Innovation

As the nation takes on new challenges with fulfilling mission achievements, the ability to tackle these challenges are just as crucial as the tools used.  We’ve enabled agencies to achieve mission directive success by utilizing our expertly developed tools to drive specific execution.


The next innovation at your disposal

Accelerate the development of your next project, whether at ideation or bridging maturity stages, to launch. Our multidisciplinary, cross-industry teams advance innovation by integrating world-class expertise across a wide range of science and engineering competencies.


Redefining your long term strategy while mobilizing your program to overcome gaps

Working alongside your team, we ensure long-range mission success is the one element we keep in mind. We complement your strategy so that your group can remain nimble in execution.


Working to get ahead means working to stay ahead

From program management to scientific guidance, we support efforts that require on the ground subject matter expertise.

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