Government Sector


Federal, state and local agencies are faced with similar innovation challenges: comprehensive scope, but often limited budget and resources.  Being mission-ready isn't just a operational readiness chart, it's the very actions that we undertake ourselves in order to translate the latest advances in engineering for direct integration supporting mandates and requirements across all levels of innovation.

Our representations

Rubix LS has developed strong relationships within agencies look toward us for assisting in innovation.  Our technologies and our capabilities are what matter to us as it strengthens the need for our internal subject matter experts to continue to expand the innovation skill set.  However, as an added bonus we represent the following designations as a business.



  1. Research & Development in Biotechnology 541714 - Primary    
  2. Research & Development in Life Sciences (except Biotechnology) 541715 - Secondary
  3. Research & Development in Nanotechnology 541713 - Tertiary
  4. Research and Development in the Social Sciences and Humanities 541720
  5. Engineering Services 541330                    
  6. General Management Consulting 541611                    
  7. Environmental Consulting 541620                    
  8. Other Scientific & Technical Consulting 541690                  
  9. All Other Professional, Scientific & Technical 541990

DUNS: 080260030

To find out our main contract vehicles or how we can partner with you for federal opportunities, please engage with us be reaching out to us below