Health & Care

A look into the capabilities of Rubix LS Life-Science & Healthcare expertise.



We're committed to helping healthcare and life sciences organizations across the private and public sectors navigate their rapidly changing environments and complex markets to drive more effective treatment and approaches.


Medical Devices

They're many critical points to make a medical device translate from a concept to a fully developed device making access to treatment prudent.  The possibilities are ever-increased when we're involved in the process of helping redefine market nimbleness potential and device capabilities with also navigating the regulatory landscape.

Drug Delivery                Combination Devices                      Electro-Mechanical              Medical Software Development             In-Vivo/In-Vitro Diagnostics

Pre-clinical Research

Access to care for the potential population of groundbreaking therapies starts at the labs in which can prove out models that will translate the potential to the world.  Leveraging our capabilities in the access to formulate therapies, characterize samples, perform discrete testing, we're able sharpen the navigation toward intended results and regulatory submissions.

IND Pharmacology         BLA        Virology Characterization        cGMP R&D TE(Testing and Evaluation)      US Pharmacopeia Validation



As the nature of healthcare continues the transform the landscape of society, so does the challenges of being able to meet the demanding regulations placed on providers and organizations looking to create solutions that will be inserted into the healthcare space in the US, Europe, Africa, United Kingdom and Japan.  Our capabilities stem from domestic third party HIPAA compliance agent or international deployment of innovation into the general healthcare landscape to make sure that your solution becomes apart of the fabric of treatment.

HIPAA Compliance       Insurance Classification         Reimbursement Contingencies        Technology Adoption Strategies       



Innovation for drug development is changing at a rapid pace.  However, only so few opportunities to make a considerable impact to the world has been hindered due to systemic failures that prevent further progression.  Our scientist and expertise has taken even the most complicated of ultra-rare disease drug development to launching topical applications and solutions.  Leveraging our experience changes the outlook of deploying an effective solution that can change the lives of many that are in critical need of your product.  

Vaccines        Interluekins           Biologics            Devices            Combination      Agents

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