Shortening the gap between product innovation and effective patient outcomes

Do you know if that next breakthrough innovation will be the cure? We are digitizing the journey of innovation discovery from concept development to patient advocacy, and everything in between.  Accelerating the development of creating efficacious outcomes that reduce the risks and costs of product development.


Rubix LS operates in a dual capacity. We are inventors and innovators of regenerative biotech devices focused on eradicating rare diseases as well as a pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device management consulting firm focusing on conception through commercialization of products.

Rubix’s team consists of scientists, engineers, researchers, doctors, designers, regulatory and business strategists enabling the power of data and intelligence to create optimal results.

Our advisors are formerly of Fortune 10 pharmaceutical and medical device companies, domestic and international regulatory agencies, and seasoned executives from industry and consulting.

our process

We’re putting the power of science, data, intelligence, and discovery at work for you in one shuttle process. Patients are looking for more than just healthcare options – they want healthcare outcomes.  By partnering with you, we’re harnessing data and implementing tools within your business to change how you conduct scientific discovery, managing patient care, harnessing patient and hospital feedback through robust surveillance and increasing your innovation market potential.  Companies and healthcare organization work in silos; it’s time to blend the process in. 

STEP 1 | Gap Assessment

Is your organization looking to expand but not sure where to start?  Our subject matter experts do a deep dive analysis into your business and product life-cycle where we identify opportunities that will help accelerate your timelines, identify key resources needed and reveal knowledge gaps that are a threat to your bottom-line.

STEP 2 | Business Intelligence

After we have analyzed how the gaps are impacting your life science business & products, our data-driven team works alongside you to develop a strategic and patient-centered plan that will address the overall business structure & operational needs. Our hands-on team will also help craft a customized roadmap to navigate the rigorous & ever-changing regulatory landscape without compromising the quality of your products.

STEP 3 | Clinical Trials

From determining your patient targeting to developing protocols, we provide a symbiotic approach that will enable your development program. We focus on helping you expand toward a highly diverse clinical population that enables a robust data-centric aggregation so that your product works for everyone.

STEP 4 | Market Access & Expansion

Sales and potential earnings are only one part of the market analysis. Many companies struggle to reach a new audience because they are only looking at one area of data. We help you understand where your potential market entry point is, how to effectively communicate with your audience and actively work with you to develop impactful programs around it.



The healthcare industry

is changing

It is no coincidence that companies in the life sciences industry have developed specialized needs to address the challenges it faces in the pursuit of not only quality issues and compliance requirements, but patient protection and transparency.  It is to address these obstacles that Rubix works to facilitate the implementation of strategies and resources that make them manageable and improve overall industry growth, compliance, and quality. 

We are powered by


The first-ever platform to index and collate an entire collection of therapeutic treatment libraries. With its proactive and predictive capabilities, KRONOS is able to predict cancer death rate probability and suggest alternative treatment options. 


Rubix LS primary goal is to eradicate rare diseases. We do this through transformative research and development, engineering breakthrough and life-altering products, sourcing world-class talent to support life science companies as well as partnering with like-minded, influential organizations focused on the same goal. 

We’re doing that in three ways:

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