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By supporting varied organizations for work in infectious disease.  Rubix LS is delivering information that makes it possible for robust therapies, policies, and countermeasures to increase patient health outcomes.

Viral Hemorrhagic Fever

Infectious Disease

Ebola, a rare and deadly infectious pathogen, has a mortality rate of up to 50%.  The work we have done to date has been instrumental in pulling data that characterize specific receptor triggers for mutation elucidation of strain activity.  See how our work will help accelerate potential vaccines to stop this disease in its tracks.

121k+ Data Points • 22k+ Patients recovered

Nipah Virus

Infectious Disease

Transmitted through infected bats and pigs, our work on the Nipah virus to pilot a study for utilizing artificial intelligence to design a potential vaccine and other therapeutic solutions.

10k+ Data Points • 500+ Patients recovered


Infectious Disease

Classified as a neglected tropical disease, which is caused by a parasitic infection transmitted by sandflies found mainly in the Southern Asian Peninsula. We’ve aggregated 50k+ data points through the design of digital biomarkers and virtual clinical trials.

50k+ Data Points • 2k+ Patients recovered

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Creutzfeld-Jakob Disease

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Our expertise comes from the ability to understand the hot-zone climate.  Our boots on the ground approach have helped countless organizations design data solutions to help accelerate vaccine development efforts.