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[WHITE PAPER] Clinical Disparities in Disease Diagnosis

As we overcome the patient care challenges of what COVID-19 has brought, we’re looking at how deeper clinical diagnosis disparities make therapeutic and patient centricity a challenge.

Rubix LS Launches Therapeutics Division

Rubix LS announces today that it’s launching their therapeutics division.

Rubix LS Closes Seed Round for $1.25M

Rubix LS secures seed funding for $1.25M

Funding Campaign Halfway to Goal for StarSense

Rubix Life Sciences achieves a new funding milestone for StarSense, a virtual clinical trial environment platform targeted towards minority patient inclusion.

CEO & Founder, Reginald Swift, on Shrimp Tank Podcast.


Rubix LS on Pharma Tech Outlook

Recently our Founder and CEO, Reginald Swift, sat down with the team at Pharma Tech Outlook magazine to discuss the changes happening with the pharma industry and how digital health, particularly virtual clinical trials are mobilizing access of pipeline therapeutics...

Health Data in the COVID-19 Crisis: How racial equity is widening for patients to gain access to treatment.

The coronavirus pandemic has placed extraordinary demands on the healthcare industry and the groups that are interconnected with the healthcare industry. The strain on obtaining adequate resources to establish a baseline of trending symptomatic patients and severity...

What we’re doing for the COVID-19 crisis…

In the wake of the current COVID-19 crisis plaguing the world, many life science and health technology organizations are mobilizing ways to assist in containing and managing patient symptoms as well as racing toward a vaccine. While the world is approximately 12-18...

Rubix LS Is Supporting The Federal COVID-19 Response.

Rubix LS has joined the federal consortium of industry partners to fully develop plans and strategies for mobilizing robust response measures toward the growing COVID-19 worldwide pandemic in the United States. Rubix LS is joined by countless other firms, within the...


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See how we’re attacking emerging real-world scenarios and how to best position for better responses to be proactive and remain vigilant when developing plans for expanding capacity for solving problems.


As we’re heavily involved in communities, far and wide, please take a look to see our works and how we continually support advancing underrepresented groups in STEM, clinical research, and beyond.

Digitally Connecting The Sea

Creating novel therapies by looking into the sea. Digitally.

Serving the Underserved Populations

Strategically targeting those who need medicines the most.

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