Manufacturing Quality & Regulatory

Nimble manufacturing...

In today's cost competitive environment, it is a surety that bringing cost down in a manufacturing environment is an absolute certain.  Rubix LS brings the specific scale to transform a traditionally rigid manufacturing model into a very nimble operation.


In the global environment, manufacturing quality is one of the key critical competencies that must be consistent to the reputation of the company.  Rubix LS team brings 50+ years of experience of manufacturing in a variety of verticals from; Prime Manufacturing, Contract Manufacturing and Discrete Manufacturing. 

Each vertical has its unique set of challenges to adhere to strict industry, state, federal and international standards.  Quality will never be compromised with bringing Rubix LS to the table.  Our group has attained certifications of the American Society of Quality (ASQ) in areas such as: Certified Quality Engineers, Certified Quality Auditors, Supplier Quality Professional and a number of related certifications.

We work with manufacturing organizations to ensure that quality work is done through a number of different standards governed by the International Standards Organization (ISO) and subsequent Aerospace Standards (AS).  


It's not enough for manufacturing companies to be consistent in quality standards, they must also adapt and improve internal and external performance year over year.  This is Rubix LS. 

With over a combined team experience of 60 years, our experts harmonize the want of manufacturing companies to be competitive to the need of transforming an organization to achieve more with less waste. Our experts are certified from the American Society of Quality (ASQ), Purdue and other institutions for strong lean transformation experience.  Certifications that our experts hold are at the premiere state of Six Sigma Master Black Belt (CSSMBB), Six Sigma Black Belt (CSSBB), Value Chain Engineering, Business Transformation, and more.  

We don't just practice this ourselves, we also transform our knowledge into a competency that can be very discernible from most of the solutions out there with our novel approach.  The REVOLVER method.


Machines, Technical Operations and Specifications are very vital to run each department within an organization like a well-oiled machine.  Sometimes the concept of focusing on the minutiae can be a little daunting, but this is where Rubix LS comes in. 

From implementing technical tools that can gauge your inspection and measuring equipment such as Gage R&R to critically managing process and efficiency flow throughout the locations of each value-added operations utilizing special process capability (SPC).  We fit into the rainbow of needs that manufacturers are looking for, to enhance their core performance measures to galvanize and strengthen longevity.