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What We Do

Turn ideas into innovation

Life science companies need a knowledgeable and experienced partner to help bring their vision to life. This is why here at Rubix we help you engineer your product from simulation all the way through manufacturing.

Anticipate what’s next

Before a product can mitigate the red tape of clinical trials and regulatory affairs, their product must first show credence and that begins with viable data and research.

Focus on sustainability

When it comes to research and development, there’s heavy use of ingredients that can negatively impact our environment.  We develop sustainability program acumen and development, so anywhere from early stage new product introduction all the way through to post-market launch, your organization focuses on mitigating negative impact to the world around us.

Enable products of tomorrow, today

In this technology-dependent era, Research & Development plays into cross-functional areas that directly impact company’s bottom lines. This is why Rubix creates strategies that take into account the entire life cycle.

Augment teams with skilled personnel

Unfilled positions are gaps in your strategy. Without the proper people in place, projects are left undone, research is incomplete and you miss out on potential revenue and/or funding. We help you find the personnel needed to keep your projects going.

The healthcare industry is changing

Our experts help life science companies bridge knowledge, engineering & personnel gaps that help them change along with it.

It is no coincidence that companies in the life sciences industry have developed specialized needs to address the challenges it faces in the pursuit of not only quality issues and compliance requirements, but patient protection and transparency.  It is to address these obstacles that Rubix works to facilitate the implementation of strategies and resources that make them manageable and improve overall industry growth, compliance, and quality. 


Vision & Mission

Rubix LS primary goal is to eradicate rare diseases

through transformative research & development, breakthroughs in engineering, and life-altering products. We take pride in partnering with like-minded, influential organizations focused on the same ideals, and source world-class talent to help support their efforts.

project hercules

is an implantable hip implant that is combining a biologic to grow bone, tissue and ligament with a device to serve as load bearing structure for growth to happen around implant.



An Interview: Digital Life Sciences & Inclusive Patient Outcomes from the CEO

Recently, the CEO had an opportunity to share his insights with Devin Thorpe, founder of Your Mark on The World, a non-profit group in which the sole mission is: "is to solve the world's biggest problems before 2045 by identifying and championing the work of...

How IoT Technology is Transforming Healthcare

Technology has changed the way many manufacturers, industrial organizations and utilities operate. The addition of IoT to sensors has expanded their impact and use cases, delivering more connectivity and analytics to processes than ever before. As of today, these...

[Infographic] Can Digitalization Save Life on Earth?

As the world contends with new challenges with global warming, one of the threats humankind will be challenged with mitigating are ancient diseases. While 2 new diseases are identified every week, the scale of what we thought we were able to cure may not be as...

CRISPR – A genetic revolution or an enormous threat?

It outraged scientists across the globe. Media outlets were stunned. In November 2018, a scientist in China, He Jiankui, reported that he had created the world’s first human babies with CRISPR-edited genes: a pair of twin girls resistant to HIV. The director of the...

Diversity Alliance For Science Conference

Recently, the founder and CEO, Reginald Swift, had the opportunity to connect with the wider biotech community. As the nature of society is changing toward inclusion for diversity, the life science sector is creating initiatives to do the same for partnering with...

Minorities are under-represented in clinical trials

Representation of minorities in clinical trials is at an all time low. Life saving treatment options not known to the diverse background continues to increase mortality rates.

Unpacking the reality of Bioterrorism in 2018

Anthrax. Ebola. Smallpox. These are just a few of the biological agents that could be weaponized for a bioterrorism attack and unlike a bombing or shooting, these microbial agents can incubate for days or weeks going unnoticed until unrelenting illnesses or deaths...

Exploring the Challenges of Clinical Trial Failures

Creating a new drug is undoubtedly harrowing. The success rate of clinical trials is dependent on many factors such as patient enrollment, efficacy, bureaucracy, and awareness of the general public. These concerns are influential factors that ultimately affect which...

The impact of regulatory compliance on life sciences companies

On the quest to push the boundaries of innovation to develop and launch new products, companies have to address an increasing number of regulatory requirements which span multiple geographies, business activities and functions. While the life sciences industry has...

Life Sciences industry experiencing hiring challenges due to massive growth

Life sciences companies have always operated in a world of uncertainty. Issues around cost and pricing, clinical and operational innovation, customer and consumer engagement, and regulatory compliance have existed for decades. At the top of the list of...
Rubix LS is now an SBA 8a company

Rubix LS is now an SBA 8a company

July 16, 2019, Lawrence, MA - Today, Rubix LS is happy to announce that is reached SBA 8a status. Started in 1942, the SBA 8a program was developed to address vast disparities of economic opportunities, through business encouragement for minorities and key groups that...


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