PRESS RELEASE | Blasting off in 5.....4....3...2....1

Blasting off in…5….4…..3…..2….1

Working with pioneering space company on next generation development involving human exploration

Lawrence, MA, September 25, 2017– Today Rubix LS is pleased to announce a new relationship with pioneering space company, SpaceX, in the development of next generation technologies that will propel further exploratory discoveries in space.

“With this announcement, it’s a testament that not only our cross-pollination approach is unique, but also evidence that challenges can be overcome with innovative approaches to developing novel technologies” says Reginald Swift, CEO.

Rubix LS will be supporting various undisclosed programs that will range from human systems exploration to innovative programs to be rolled out in the coming months.  The collaboration will also range with various large and small companies and agencies that will participate in a variety of capacities to continue supporting needs in private space exploration and missions.


“Founded in 2016, Rubix LS, taking its approach of cross-pollination research, engineering and development, was established to make and develop technologies in the life-science sector that will become therapies targeting rare and orphan diseases.  Translating that platform in differing sectors, Rubix LS has been augmenting innovative development of products that realizes the potential of tomorrow.”


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Reginald Swift