PRESS RELEASE | Rubix LS Founder is a Champion....of Entrepreneurship

Founder is a Champion…..of Entrepreneurship

Reginald Swift, founder of Rubix LS, is a resident cohort of the Initiative for a Competitive Inner City (ICIC) program selected to be a champion.

Lawrence, MA, November 30, 2017: We’re happy to announce that Rubix LS founder, Reginald Swift was chosen to be one of the ‘Champions of Entrepreneurship’ from hosted 6-month long program hosted by the Initiative for a Competitive Inner City program. The program, stated to be a very intrusive application process of culminating both business savvy experience and applicability to real world company development, it bridges the under-represented founders and CEOs from very urban and up and coming communities to corporate realization and high growth competencies. Enabled to grow as a specific niche organization, Reginald Swift has participated on the intrusive business program to augment community involvement in the city of Lawrence and bringing high growth opportunities, from client acquisition of commercial and government customers to further business longevity and potential.

At the end of the cohort, ICIC hosted a culminating conference that was at the Time Inc building in New York on November 17, 2017. Here is where selected members of the national cohort were selected as they’ve shown an immense amount of growth and market potential involved in learning the techniques and methodologies taught from the subject matter experts from Harvard Business School, Yale, large industry companies and more.

About ICIC:

ICIC’s mission is to drive economic prosperity in America’s inner cities through private sector investment to create jobs, income and wealth for local residents. Founded in 1994 by Harvard Business School Professor Michael Porter, the Initiative for a Competitive Inner City is a national nonprofit research and advisory organization and the leading authority on U.S. inner city economies and the businesses that thrive there.

About Rubix LS:

Founded in 2016 by Reginald Swift, Rubix LS is a local Engineering Research Organization (ERO) that is developing cross-platform technologies in the fields of life-sciences, biotech, pharma, and healthcare.

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