Our Work

As innovators, we’re not just focused on how effective the product should be, we’re integrating better processes that support the whole product development and the inclusive patient journey.

Advisory & Consulting

Complementing your organization by providing strategic services to help you through: strategic development, product development, program management, quality & regulatory, health authority support, data management, and more.

Disease & Cancer Genetic Intelligence

From understanding mutagenesis, pathogenicity, formation, real-time monitoring, epigenetics, the prevalence in certain cultures and impact, we’re extracting and managing vast amounts of data points that tie directly to predicting precursors of disease traits and proactively target disease behaviors.


While product development in the life science industry has been the same for years, the adoption of technologies for augmenting and speeding up the discovery process is becoming more essential.  Dive into the data we’re configuring specifically for your organization to overcome internal barriers.

Virtual/Hybrid Clinical Trial Design

As much as 80%* of underrepresented patients are unaware of options to be included within a clinical trial geared toward a specific therapeutic indication. Designing ways to reach these patients requires a coordination effort from more than just apps and sensors, see how we design natural language and AI into a structure of a clinical trial to bring opportunities for inclusion in a virtual and hybrid setting.

Real-World Evidence

Patients suffering from comorbidities or belonging to a distant geographic region or age limit who did not participate in any clinical trial may not respond to the treatment in question as expected. RWE provides answers to these problems and also to analyze effects of drugs over a longer period of time. When it comes to health disparities, we focus on expansive data sets that reaches beyond oncology and into concentrated profiles within infectious disease and rare disease.

Post Market Surveillance

Often overlooked, Phase IV trial adherence are essential to the long-term viability of the product.  20-30% of clinical trials are accurately represented with conducting and concluding Phase IV trials to inform public and private stakeholders for product efficacy. Use our data to drive a feedback loop to continue effective product development efforts.

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