Your Infectious Disease Intelligence Partner

We’ve conducted projects in hot-zones from West Africa to India on various infectious disease priorities.  Real-time data and predictive modeling to make better medical countermeasure plans are what we strive for at every single second.

Deep Rare Disease Insights

There are over 7000 rare diseases that exist today.  We’re tackling the mysteries of uncovering therapeutic outcomes by understanding disease behavior patterns and biological traits. Much of our findings help propel discoveries that can be translated into pilot therapies.

Digital Engagement With The Patient

As emerging technologies are integrated into society, the pathway to connect to the patient becomes much shorter. Managing patient symptoms and proactively engage patients for therapeutic options opens up the door for even more discovery and dialogue. See how we create these tools to enable your organization to change what it means for developing ‘patient care’.

Establish access with Virtual Clinical Trials

As the need for more data to create effective treatments is becoming vital, reaching toward a wider patient grouping is crucial. Create better therapeutic outcomes with creating platforms for all patients of all backgrounds gain access to your virtual clinical trial resources.

Disease & Cancer Genetics

Research and Development

Virtual trial Design / Real-World Evidence

Post Market Surveillance

Digital & Virtual Life Sciences

Our mission is to ensure that products developed within the life science industry are able to reach through every patient demographic to bolster health equity and effective patient outcomes.

At Rubix LS, we’re solving the problems of ensuring that we can shorten the gap between product innovations and the inclusivity of patients that are in need of therapeutic interventions through data.

Our focus is simple: Patient Innovation First.  Always.

Data. Absolute. Auditable. Accurate 

We’re putting the power of science, data, intelligence, and discovery at work for you in one transparent process.  Sponsors, CROs, clinicians, patients and payers are looking for more than just healthcare options – it’s all about healthcare outcomes.  See how the data we provide, merged with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, are powering outcomes to be more inclusive and designing inclusive structures to bring wider demographics into therapeutic data sets.

Disease & Cancer Genetics

Drive knowledge of how patient demographics, environmental factors, and patient biological maps intersect on understanding disease behaviors and patient profiles.

Research and development

Use our AI/ML-driven process to accelerate your lead asset development efforts and reduce the time of discovery by 31%*

Real world evidence / virtual clinical trials

Our data harmonizes both historical and situational data sets that will equip your clinical teams to create targeted approaches for clinical trial success. We then drive efforts to create virtual and hybrid clinical trials in coordination with CRO’s and provider networks.

Post Market surveillance

Often overlooked, Phase IV trial adherence are essential to the long-term viability of the product.  20-30% of clinical trials are accurately represented with conducting and concluding Phase IV trials to inform public and private stakeholders for product efficacy. Use our data to drive a feedback loop to continue effective product development efforts.

Supporting the federal markets

As the world shifts to defend against new emerging health threats, government agencies are grappling with new ways to overcome those challenges.  Agile convergence of digital and scientific innovation becomes a crucial vehicle to deliver outcomes-based approaches to achieve mission objectives.

We’re not just innovators, we’re also creating the entrepreneurial structure into agencies that will increase strength and expansion into programs that will catapult science and technology forward.

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Patient Innovation First.  Always.