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Patient Diversity In Clinical Research

Supporting the expanded access opportunities for underserved communities within the clinical trial research focus.

Bridging the clinical trial divide

Solving the need to have more representation in clinical trials through services and programs to best serve the underrepresented populations.

On average, there are 600-800 clinical trials launching each month.  Roughly <2%** will incorporate diverse population groups to better serve effective therapies for disease conditions.

We’re taking the full-spectrum approach, from assisting and supporting clinical trials to diverse populations to technology development to help aide analytics and real world-evidence development, to launching our own clinical trials for therapeutics/devices being developed internally.


**Based on clinicaltrials.gov from 1983 – 2001

Therapeutic Discoveries

Expanding Access

With our premier platform, StarSense, we’re enabling better strategy and development to engage diverse patients in their settings thoroughly.

Our patient-centric platform and approach focus on strict clinical trial protocol adherence and patient management and the complex barriers to entry for many underserved patients.

Analytics, Therapeutics, & Technology

Through the early stages of research to develop therapeutics for patients, much of what is required to support a development program is data. With RWE/RWD, pinpointing early-stage R&D opportunities helps support the ability to target the required patient populations.  

Our services, along with our technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Quantum Spectral Interfacing (QSI), we’re accessing and aggregating intelligent data from disparate and low-resources to support the continuing therapeutic discovery process.


Bringing support and hope to patients that need it



Bring clinical trial access to everyone

Contact us on how we’re enabling better health outcomes with our 91% diversity enrollment rate