While we could sent you a hundred emails or called you a dozen times, we felt that you deserved a formal introduction, so we made this video, especially for you.


Now that you understand who Rubix is and why we have reached out to you, we wanted to drive some additional points home.

At our core, we are scientists, innovators, engineers and strategists who have failed our way to success. We have tackled and resolved issues that many life sciences companies face today and now are leveraging that expertise to help companies, like yours, circumvent the obstacles we have overcome. We do this by offering these services:


  • Advisory
  • Consulting
  • Staff Augmentation
  • Permanent Placement




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Filling positions so that you can complete projects

We noticed that you have 156 positions opened under Research & Development. Given that every position not filled in research and development is a gap in your business strategy, I am sure you would agree that filling these positions are a necessary to-do item that may be keeping important projects in limbo.

Let’s set up a time to talk about how Rubix can be a trusted partner for Pfizer