Pipeline Projects

Life Science Product Innovations


From digital health to pharmaceutical development and everything in between. We’re working on creating the tools that will enable better health outcomes for patients and processes impacting patients.


Our work is focused on discovering cures for specific cancers and debilitating rare diseases and cancers by focusing on cellular regeneration. This has led us toward developing a range of combination devices that specifically targets malignancies for patients who are diagnosed with rare diseases and cancers. 


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Not replacement. Regeneration.

Project Hercules sets the stage as one of the first combination products that are geared toward an orthogenic platform.  A cross-pollination of osteoinductive, osseointegrative and osteogenic elements; we’re geared toward targeting clinical indications toward osteopenia, arthrodesis and osteonecrosis.

Project Icarus

Unlocking the secrets of the brain.

Project Icarus sets the stage on how to attack malformations of the brain that leads up to cancerous development of tumors that are diagnosed DIPG grade IV.  100% Fatal to adolescents and those younger than that group even with inclusion of radiation therapy and chemotherapy, Icarus is a novel regenerative absorb-able matrix (derivative of Hercules) that focuses on mitigating abnormal glial tissue evolution.

Project Asclepius

Fighting disease from the root. Of teeth.

From Gardiner’s Syndrome to orthodontic necrosis, from the near 7000 diseases that exists today, 12% are found in the mouth.  This innovation is a regenerative mouth brace that focuses on bone and calcium growth that enables restorative surgery without the drill. 

We’re working on more projects and welcome any opportunity to share our research with the broader community.  Learn more about these projects and more by contacting us.