Professional  Placement

Because we are, at our core, a biotechnology development company, we understand the need for quality people and we strive to engage the best and brightest.  Our goal is to assist you in sourcing the talent you need, when and where you need it.

We would interview dozens of qualified applicants for a limited number of positions. Of course, we would engage those that were the best fit for the positions. But, that meant that we turned away many incredibly talented individuals who we would have happily brought into our organization. Similarly, when projects wind down, we find ourselves with superior employees who have provided invaluable service to us and our clients. What to do?

Our solution to our problem has been to establish our Professional Placement Services Division. We are dedicated to providing our clients with Action Oriented, Intelligent, ambitious individuals that possess superior technical skill sets. When we propose a candidate to a client, we have gone to great lengths to ensure the candidate is autonomous, detail oriented, hardworking and honest.


Our senior consultants stand ready to provide key business and technical guidance to your organization. Especially in the medical and biotech fields, it is very difficult and often problematic to try to “learn as you go”. We can bring in consultants for short or longer-term collaboration.


As an extension to our consulting professionals, companies often require a short to medium term placement of experienced personnel with either highly focused technical or broad based business expertise. We offer flexible engagement agreements that allow you to fill specific needs from our talent pool for virtually any length of time.


It is far from unusual for personnel we place on a temporary assignment to be offered full time, permanent employment. We take great pride and care in the way we select and match candidates with our clientele.


We welcome you to review our current job posting and apply on line. We are constantly adding entry, junior and senior positions to our job board. We would love to have your resume on file so that we might match your skills with one of our many clients.