project apollo

A combination device targeted toward stymying iron beta plus protein symplex build up in neural receptors.

Project brief

Neurodegenerative diseases diagnosis has been ramping up at a faster rate in the last three years.  Positioned to outpace cardiovascular cancers and diseases by 2045, aligning targeting for neuro-diseases are starting to become critically important.

As the market has shifted toward Designed as a 3 level combination product, Project Apollo is designed to 

Patient Population



Disease Variants

“The patient profile has extended from everyone from newborn to 99 years old.  The time for innovation in neuro-degenerative diseases is at an all-time high.”

Current Study

Currently in phase I safety trials, Project Apollo will be presented in numerous publications, events, and conferences in 2019.

Disease profiles of yield toward effectivity of product efficacy.  Project Apollo is geared toward aligning a bridge toward multi-targeting profiles as a treatment method.

  • PKAN
  • ALS
  • PNH

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