project icarus

A combination product geared toward targeting rare tumors in the brain starting with pediatric Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma (DIPG)

Project brief

Tumors can be devastating, even more so when the survivability rate for living 2 years or more is less than 10%.  Gliomas such as DIPG devastate the population that means to the most to humanity; children.  Gliomas such as DIPG become high aggressive from germination to death.  

Impactful leaders have succumbed to variations of advanced forms of gliomas that stem from a DIPG variant. It’s time to increase survivability for those that mean the most to us.

Patient Population

Public Innovations


Diagnosed per Yr

“Now is the time where we start making inroads for DIPG – it will pave the way for other innovations toward GBM to be created.”

Current Study

Currently, in pre-clinical testing, Project Icarus is a novel combination device plasmid that will focus on being as aggressive to treat as the disease can be destructive.

Gliomas often share a common trend on the genesis of creation.  Similar behavior profiles prove that Project Icarus may have a high yield toward these disease profiles

  • DIPG
  • GBM
  • Oligodendroglioma

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