Reginald Swift 

Reginald is a kinesthetic entrepreneur, that has 16 years of mechanical engineering experience from a research, academic and industry based perspective in a multi-variate forms of functions.   His range of experiences stems from aerospace & defense, robotics, nuclear technologies, biotechnology/life-sciences, and astronautics.  Including his work in industry, he has a strong quality transformation and technological development experience that has been implemented in countless organizations from start-up to Fortune 100 organizations.

Reginald is a native to Florida, who holds a Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering, Summa Cum Laude, from Florida International University and a minor in Entrepreneurial Strategies.  He is currently in pursuit of his Ph.D. in molecular mechanical engineering, with a  concentration in regenerative material molecularity, in Boston where he currently resides.

He has mentored and supported various start-up and mid-size organizations from MIT, Harvard Medical School, Georgia Tech, Stanford, UCLA, USF, Georgetown and more in the realm of engineering, biological engineering, virological engineering, software development and more.

With a passion in health equity innovation, he has focused his efforts to design, develop and deploy systems, structures and policies that will enable access of innovation therapeutics across the board globally.